Trimble HYDROpro Construction
HYDROpro Construction

Trimble’s HYDROpro™ Construction software is a comprehensive software package for marine and waterway construction tasks that require precise positioning. With the HYDROpro Construction software, projects can be completed faster, safer, and more economically than with conventional methods.

Trimble HYDROpro Navigation
HYDROpro Navigation

Trimble’s HYDROpro™ Navigation software is an easy to use software solution for today’s hydrographic surveyor. Designed with superior performance and efficiency in mind, it allows for significant improvements in productivity on even the most complex marine survey application.

Trimble HYDROpro Terramodel HDMS
HYDROpro Terramodel HDMS

Trimble’s HYDROpro™ Terramodel® Hydrographic Data Management System (HDMS) software is a powerful postprocessing and 3D visualization software package for the marine surveying and construction industry.
The software allows you to do all the necessary calculations, quickly and easily produce final plots, generate contours, calculate volumes, and even 3D ‘fly throughs’ of your data collected with the HYDROpro software.

Quality Integrated Navigation System

QINSy is an integrated navigation system software package used extensively worldwide for acquiring and processing multibeam data.
The primary philosophy behind QINSy is to save time in processing, and the possible need for re-survey, by providing tools for real-time qualification of the raw data and on-the-fly correcting for offsets, motion, sound velocity refraction and height, to produce “final” xyz soundings as the survey proceeds.

Triton’s new AUV
Suite is an integrated software package that provides a full spectrum of tools for the processing, analysis, and display of AUV collected sidescan, SAS, multibeam,
and/or subbottom data.
Triton Imaging Perspective
Suite has the tools needed to provide the highest quality results
A complete software tool set for
production processing of sidescan and bathymetry data from interferometric sonars. Designed around Triton’s unique Perspective architecture, this package is easy to use, versatile, produces sidescan mosaics of the highest quality, and delivers fast throughput on very large survey data sets. IncludesTriton’s Perspective Map,
BathyOne, 2D/3D sounding editors,
MosaicOne, TargetOne, and SeaClass modules
Whether surveying for hydrography, mine hunting, subsea developments, harbor security, natural
resource exploration, habitat mapping, or scientific research, Triton IFM
Available modules:
  • IFM
  • SBP
  • Perspective
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