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Leading Supplier of Global Positioning Systems, Hydrographic Geophysical & Oceanographic Equipment Agent/Distributor for:


Marine Construction


Authorized Service Provider



Gyrocompass Motion Sensors SubSea Detection INS & MAHRS

Seabat Multibeam Hydrophones & Softwares

EchoSounder Velocimeter & Multibeam

High-resolution underwater 2D/3D imaging Sonar

Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) Waves measurement

Hydrometric & Oceanographic Instrumentation

High - Speed 3D Laser Scanner

Mobile Scanning Quarry & Mining Solutions

Digital Side Scan Sonar

Land Marine Airborne Magnetometer Software

Parametric Sub-bottom Profiler

Seismic Survey Equipment Shallow Geotechnical Sampling Equipment

Marine Seismic Instruments

GIS Mapping Software

Laser Measurement System

Thermal Graphic Recorders

Surveying Accessories

Portable Echo Sounder & Tide Guage

Oceanographic Research Products

Automatic Weather Stations Dataloggers

Real Time 2D & 3D Dredging and Marine Engineering Solution

Hydrographic Survey Software

Side Scan & Sub-bottom Sonar Mapping Software

Acquisition & Replay Survey Planning & Processing & Visualization

Hydrographic Survey Software

Digital Sub-Bottom Transceiver Digital Transmitter Trigger Box Hydrophone

Laser Scanning Analysis

Marine Environmental Data Knowledge GIS Management

Real Time 3D Sonar Advanced Geophysical Solution Precision Attitude & Positioning

Ground Penetrating Radar